Vision, Mission & Goals:

Village Nepal is dedicated for poor people living in remote, financially weak far from adequate health, education, development facilities and fighting for food, shelter and clothe. The ultimate goal is to provide food, shelter and clothe for poor people. Along with this we provide opportunities for health, education, development activities.

Our Main target group is the person suffered by earthquake and for this we reach remote and hilly areas of Nepal. We have categorized two types of helping method where one is immediate involvement area for immediate relief and another is long-term programme to strengthen the poor people financially.

Our Vision

We seek a society of educated family, where people enjoy basic rights with basic needs where poverty has alleviated and people live with their dignity. Village Nepal will be a friend to fight with people's problem.

In Nepal we seek a society where each individual has strong financial capacity with better earning to fulfill their need; every individual has adequate facilities of education, health, shelter, clothiers.

Our Mission

We know Nepalese people have been facing many problems. The Great Earthquake occurred recently in 25 April 2015 with 7.8 rector scale. Our prioritized mission is to reconstruct the destroyed individual's building, hospital building, school building, temple etc. Around 500,000.00 Buildings were destroyed/damaged. Lots of People are living outside the home. Monsoon has already existed so the people are facing shelter problem seriously. So our mission is to address shelter problem at first. Along with this we focus to help for running school, hospital as it was. In this way, we mobilize volunteer member to reconstruct cultural and heritage sites.