Area We Work


Most of the hospital buildings are destroyed and some are damaged by earthquake. We mobilize our capacity to reconstruct the building, arranged medicine, hospital equipment and call for volunteer medical worker to provide service in remote areas. We have seen lots of pregnant women, women giving birth, and new born baby are mostly affected by this damage. Many people are seeking for medicine for minor disease. So we seek support for running hospital, arrange health camp to tackle such problems.


There is no doubt that the education is the main pillar to make every society developed. Due to earthquake lots of children are facing problem to continue their school as before. There is a general perception that education provides a pathway to economic independence and a route out of poverty. However as increasing numbers of children’s, who lost their parents and guardian in this earthquake 2015. There is an urgent need to create education opportunities in villages of Nepal and encourage and expand National and International, NGO’S (Non-Government Organization) to invest in education sector. Barriers to further education, such as discrimination, particularly towards pastoralists and women, also need to be tackled. Otherwise, there may be a growing population of unemployed and disenfranchised youth who no longer see education as offering favorable livelihood outcomes.

Humanitarian assistance may be able to prevent mortality or reduce malnutrition in the face of shocks or crises, but households, their communities, and their institutions may still not fully recover from the effects of the shock. We mobilize our effort of access school for children, to provide academic support to enhance the quality of teaching, to provide technical support to teachers and government agencies.